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  • 《Glimpses of China and Chinese Homes》读后感

                                                                                            —姚慧玲 2017年8月1日

书名Title:  Glimpses of China and Chinese Homes

作者/编者Author/Editor: Edward S. Morse

书号Item Number:  This book does not have a call number yet.  It is placed with the collection of English language books.  You could find it by browsing the English language shelf.

语言Language: English

短评Brief highlights:

1902? Yes, this book was published in 1902.  When my husband showed it to me what he borrowed from Edmonton Chinatown Chinese Library I could not believe my eyes!  I always wish to learn about how China like before the birth of Republic of China. This book definitely provides me a glimpse of Shanghai, Guangzhou and a few smaller towns.

Mr. Morse, the author was an academic, a professor of Zoology in the Imperial University of Tokyo, Japan.  He was originally from the United States of America. When he made this trip to China he had lived in Japan for a few years.  Therefore throughout the entire book he constantly compared Chinese with Japanese culture including living conditions, clothing, cooking, street scenes and even etiquettes. His descriptions are straight forward and easy to follow.  To the readers, it is a treat to see the author’s sketches of houses, furniture, villages, cities, boats, alleys, water-clock etc., and Chinese people of various social classes. Mr. Morse demonstrated acute observations, particularly how Chinese people received him, a “Fanguai”, foreign devil, which made him uncomfortable and even feeling unsafe at times. I believe that some of the items in his sketches are no longer around.  To have these sketches included in the book certainly provides us glimpses of the country which could help us to understand the economic, social and political environment some Chinese people lived in the early twentieth century.    

  • 《 中华是我家 – 2009 全国优秀童谣评选获奖作品集》读后感

                                                                                        —姚慧玲 2017年8月2日

作者/编者Author/Editor: 中华是我家编委会

书号Item Number:  1287.2/Z

语言Language: 汉语-简化字 (不带汉语拼音)

短评Brief highlights:

这童谣集收录了从中国各地推荐上报、网上投票评选和评委评审的10首一等奖,10首二等奖,20首三等奖  和40首优秀奖的童谣作品。童谣题目生动有趣,跟孩子们日常生活有紧密的联系,例如:《过生日》,《十朵花,九个瓜》,  《小企鹅上学》 , 《太阳爬高楼》,《环保小卫士》等等,   让他们更容易上口,了解内容,能吸引家长和孩子阅读或朗读。书中的作者们包括著名的儿童文学作家,教师以致 小学生。每篇儿歌都有儿童文学家:金波,王蓓佳或曹文轩作点评,还有链接专栏,让家长们引申该儿歌的主题。书中的插图是彩色水彩画,特别配合每篇童谣,帮助小读者明白该童谣的意思,增强理解能力,家长们也可利用插图跟孩子们对话,增进父母和子女的感情。

  • 《台灣兒歌舆民謡之旅》读后感

                                                                                        —姚慧玲 2017年8月2日

作者/编者Author/Editor: 劉美蓮

书号Item Number:  642.6/L653

语言Language: 華語-繁體字

短评Brief highlights:


為推廣台灣民謠劉美蓮老師帶著兩個孩子到台灣各處訪問18首在台灣兒童耳熟能詳的兒歌故事,經過教師朋友,出版社或兒童作曲家的幫忙,她不怕辛苦和困難,為大家收集了這18首著名兒歌 作者的故事,給我們介紹他們作那首曲子的經過和感想,他們為孩子寫曲子的專業態度,真值得大眾的敬佩。書中除了有樂譜,歌詞還有插圖。收録的兒歌充滿兒童天真爛漫的稚氣,有幽默的,有民族文化性的也有代表自然生態的。現列擧幾篇兒歌名字讓大家參考:“三輪車”,“月光光”,“捕魚歌”,“落大雨” ,“天黑黑”,“白鷺鷥”等等。                                                                  

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